Just A Few Of My Amazing Students

The biggest improvement has been just being able to have some creative control and come up with melodies and help produce records at this point, which I couldn’t do before, so this is something that learning the guitar has really helped me with.

– Alex Cronin

The first couple years I tried on my own… with you my progress pretty much skyrocketed. The biggest improvement is probably just being able to improvise over almost any chord change and progression, and I feel comfortable doing it. You make it fun and interesting, you keep it easy in a way; you make it so that theory isn’t boring, and you teach it in a way that is easily applied to the guitar so that when I go home it makes things easier for me.

​- Rob McNamara

I feel like I’ve progressed a lot quicker, I think mostly with my confidence when it comes to my playing.

– Shelley Saunders

Its so amazing to see Ethan excited about playing….its doing wonders for his confidence-which was the whole point in me enrolling him to begin with. Gino and I call Jason the guitar whisperer :)

– Stephanie (Ethan’s mother) 

I enjoy the vibe in my group class; everyone is very nice so it makes it even easier to learn, even when I haven’t been prepared for class. Jason has always given me honest feedback and support, taking the time in knowing my flaws and helping me to get better, always in a positive way.

– Mi Lan Santiago 

​I had a great experience, at first I was nervous but as soon as I hit the stage I felt confident to play in front of a group of people thanks to Jason’s support and help.

​- Brathis Rajamogan
(speaking about performing at the Pro Guitar Studio Fall 2012 Student Performance)

Learning how to play the guitar continues to be a wonderful experience for me and lots of fun, too. Thanks to you, I’m really enjoying this journey….you are a great teacher.

​​-​​​ Anne Ploder

One thing I have gotten into in the last year, six months, that I would never been able to do before is I find myself in band right now, which has been a great thing. I think the lessons really help me with my confidence in playing rhythm, and knowledge of lead [guitar] ... it has given me the confidence to actually go out and find a group of people and play…

– John Tremblay

​I find the lessons very motivating, so I go home and practice more, jam more with my son, and I’m always looking forward to more lessons next week.

​- Neeraj Vashist

I’ve enjoyed every aspect of the lessons, from song choices to keep me motivated, and giving me the right amount of challenge each week. I like that it isn’t like any other music class I’ve taken in the past where the program is very rigid and mostly based on a course book. I like that you’ve introduced me to improvisation and also the chance to jam with my classmates, even though we are individually on different levels, you managed to include everyone, which makes the classes fun.

– Bryan Ong 

 Jason has been able to teach me the basics of learning acoustic guitar, while also teaching me how to play songs by some of my favourite artists. He is patient, while providing positive encouragement, especially when I am struggling, and gives different suggestions to help me overcome my difficulties.
– Jen White

I have been struggling for a few years now to improve my skills, and it seems now that things are in motion and advancing thanks to Jason’s teaching methods. The lessons are a lot of fun and I always learn something new each time. I think the software tools are great! I am excited for when we start recording some of the tracks.

– Paul Toffolo

Like many Mom’s, I have tried to expose my child to extra learning experiences. Guitar is something I have always enjoyed and I had hoped Carly would too!! With each week of Jason’s teaching ability and guidance, I am thrilled to say that my daughter not only looks forward to her lessons, but she practices regularly, not because she has to, but because she loves to.

– Darlene (mother of Carly)

I found you actually listened to what I had to say, and you paid attention to it, and you’ve done a good job structuring lessons around what I wanted to get. With having that specific goal in mind, and working in that fashion, it’s been fulfilling.

– Ian Jones

I still come out of here wanting to play, rather than other times I’ve taken lessons with people and I don’t want to continue playing because of the teacher, but here it’s the opposite of that. “

– Rory O’Brien

​I’d been playing guitar off and on for 40 years, mostly self taught, and was in a rut. I was playing the same old things over and over and over. Taking lessons with Jason has made me think and expand on what I knew and grow as a guitar player. Jason is creative in his lesson plans – taking you out of your comfort zone and making you a better player. I’ve also learned newer contemporary material and been exposed to different styles of music. Jason has re-inspired my passion for the guitar.

​- Ed Pluska

I’ve been trying to excel at guitar for years now, practicing what I thought would help, searching the internet for tips and tutorials and have stayed at the same level, never able to progress. Taking lessons with Jason has completely changed that. Not only does he have a passion for music, he does not limit himself or his students to a specific manner of teaching methods or musical styles. I learn so much just from learning songs I’ve always wanted to play and the different techniques he supplies – it’s amazing. He takes your personal goals and turns them into a progressive success. Not only do you get the satisfaction of accomplishing your goal with your own song selections and a comfortable environment, you have a patient, helpful teacher who is just as happy to see his students succeed. I would recommend Jason to anyone interested in learning to play.

– Ashley Downey

I’m a passionate music lover who could no longer put aside the desire to learn how to play guitar. Like most, I spent countless hours searching the internet, buying self help DVD’s however had limited success. I was missing something. I just couldn’t piece it all together to the degree I felt I was capable. Then I found Jason. With in a very short period of time Jason was able to piece together what I was missing and tailor a learning technique that is both easy to understand and incredibly gratifying. In just a few months I am playing better than I could have imagined. An Incredible musician with an amazingly intuitive natural style of teaching. I look forward to every lesson.

– Dan Giroux

My 10 year old daughter Rachel started her first guitar lessons with Jason and she absolutely adores Jason and his unique teaching ability. He always makes it fun for her by teaching her to play tunes that she likes and at the same time he gives her motivation to practise and play the guitar! We are so happy with his teaching methods and we are so happy we found him!

– Theresa (Mother of Rachel)

I can honestly say I really doubt I would have improved as much as I have on surfing the Internet alone. A year and half ago I knew a handful of open chords. Jason’s brought me through now to some ability to solo, understand music theory, play barre chords, understand chord voicings, and get to playing my favorite acoustic songs which was my more immediate goal. Jason teaches and balances the curriculum well enough for me to understand the basics, music theory, scales etc. to a point where I can practically apply them in achieving both short and long term musical goals and keeps it challenging and fun. 

​- Peter den Ouden

I listen to bands that have very complex guitar riffs and solos, and being like any other teenager I wanted to learn them fast to show them off to my friends. I have only been taking lessons with Jason for a few months now and in that short time he not only taught me how to play these songs, but also the techniques used in the songs so that I can use them for other songs. Each lesson is unique in its own way and is not rushed. There is no pressure in how long it takes you to learn or understand something. 

​- Joey Fares

I’m in my 50’s and always wanted to learn to play guitar. I began on my own and taught myself some basics using books and DVD’s, but got to a point where I wasn’t progressing and didn’t know how to improve my skills. I started taking lessons with Jason and he designed exercises based on my skill level that helped me improve. He is always patient and provides specific suggestions to help me with areas that I am having difficulty with. I really enjoy my lessons with Jason.

– John Adams

​I have been taking guitar lessons with Jason Wilford for a few years now and in my time spent with him, I have not only learned how to play the guitar, but have developed a genuine love of playing it. He is an excellent teacher and I look forward to each lesson I have with him.

​- Braden Tamas

I am in my late forties and have been learning the guitar, on and off, for over 20 years. When I first started I took lessons but found them boring and too regimented which put me off going back to a tutor. Since then I have used books and CD’s, and eventually the internet to teach myself, however I became ‘stuck in a rut’ because I developed very low confidence in my playing ability. I was on the verge of giving up this instrument I loved so much and decided to once again try a tutor as a kind of last ditch effort before putting the guitar down for good.

I found Jasons studio online, emailed him and took up his offer of one free lesson. I also emailed a couple of other tutors but Jason was the first to respond and his response alone was enough to make me comfortable about going to see him. In that first lesson alone Jason was able to point out to me a couple of very simple techniques and spot a couple of bad habits that no amount of self teaching could have shown me. I knew right then that I wanted to continue with the guitar under Jasons guidance. He very quickly learned and understood my playing limitations, and is incredibly patient and understanding. He teaches only what you want to learn in a pretty laid back and relaxed environment. If you have a particular piece that you want to learn, he will find it and if he does not know it he will learn it himself first, (this very annoyingly takes him less than 5 minutes), then he will show you the best way to learn and play the piece based on your ability. I find that the best thing about this is that he will show you the simplest way play a piece regardless of its difficulty.

With Jason and his limitless patience as my tutor I am slowly starting to build up my confidence level and am thoroughly enjoying playing the guitar again, the same instrument that just a few short months ago I intended to put down for good.

– Carl Wilson